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Sex Moves That Never Made It

Different sex moves that never made it, e.g. The Jesus, The Kanye and the Martin Luther King.
By Chrilz  |  16/01-11 - 14:19  |  Views: 4923

Macho Salad

This is how you make a MACHO salad
By GroZ  |  12/09-10 - 01:05  |  Views: 4052

Death Metal Rooster

This is just awsome wierd :D
By GroZ  |  17/02-10 - 16:17  |  Views: 6792

Hot Asian Girl Breaks PS3 with hammer

This girl has had to much of her boyfriend playing PS3 ALL the time, and know she is going to do something about it.
By GroZ  |  13/01-10 - 11:19  |  Views: 8738

Zombie Kid Likes Turtles

This is one of the most random things, we have ever seen here on
By Chrilz  |  03/01-10 - 04:57  |  Views: 4910

Funny The Office Video - Pink Underwear Day

A meeting at a printing company gets strange when the boss stands up and makes an unintended point.
By Chrilz  |  03/01-10 - 04:56  |  Views: 6139

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